SOUL Private Collection has implemented the following safety protocols.

100% Contactless check-in / check-out including information file

We have digitalized our check-in and check-out procedures.

We have replaced our room & house info folder with our SOUL QR Code, which provides access to our menu and info books, available on Android & IOS.

Cleaning & sanitation measures:

All surfaces are cleaned and sanitized frequently with appropriate disinfectants. 

Good hand hygiene is encouraged, and sanitizer is available throughout the property.

Room cleaning measures:

Frequently touched surfaces are sanitized more regularly. 

We ventilate all rooms during cleaning and use the highest temperature setting when doing laundry.

Kitchen and food:

Our dining area is spaced out to encourage social distancing. Outdoor dining is encouraged (weather permitted).

We also offer plated food options rather than self-serve from buffets. 

We practice strict sanitation in our kitchen.

Our teams are trained and protected:

We screen our staff daily for any Covid-19 symptoms.

Our staff is trained on best hygiene practices.

The prescribed PPE is supplied to our team to safely manage their tasks.

Wear a mask when in public areas:

We can all protect each other by wearing masks around staff or guests, not at your party. Thus, masks are always required in all public areas unless eating, drinking, or swimming.

A health survey is sent before arrival.

Maintain social distancing:

Please keep your distance from others as far as possible.

A minimum of 2 meters is set as a guideline.

Avoid handshakes, hugs, and direct contact where possible.


Outdoor dining is encouraged (weather permitted).

Breakfast trays are offered in the comfort of your own room.